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Another great ‘Sale of Champions’

The Lincoln County 4-H enjoyed another successful Sale ofChampions this year with about 200 people supporting Saturday’sevent.

“Everything went great. We raised $19,375 from animal sales,$1,020 from contributors and about $1,000 from cake sales,” saidLincoln County’s 4-H Youth Agent, Amanda Masholie.

The money raised during the auction will be used to supportfuture 4-H projects, as well as the college education ofparticipants.

“We’re thankful for the community’s support,” said Masholie.”They made it a very successful sale.”

Maegen Calhoun had the highest selling steer, a European Crossthat went for $3,000, while Kyle Smith had the highest selling lambwith a price of around $1,000.

“I think the kids were happy and excited about it,” saidMasholie. “They seemed to really enjoy themselves.”

The animals were bought by various businesses. Local banksprovided free meals to participants and community members presentduring the annual event at the Brookhaven/Lincoln County Multi-UseFacility.

Masholie mentioned how grateful she was for the support fromsupervisors, volunteers and parents before and during the event.She credits the success of the sale to their hard work.

“They really did all the work, and they worked real hard to makesure everything ran smoothly,” said Masholie.

Many of the market steers and lambs will be shown at the DixieNationals, which begins in a couple of weeks.