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Rain floods houses, closes some roads

Nearly 10 houses and several streets were flooded during arain-soaked weekend.

Clifford Galey, director of the Lincoln County Civil Defense,said he received reports of damage to about eight to 10 houses inthe Lincoln County area, mostly within the city limits ofBrookhaven.

Although he could not specify the location of all the homes,Galey said one home on South Washington Street outside the citylimits was also flooded. He had no estimate on the damage.

“I’m going to go look at it this morning,” he said. “That streetis always under water when it rains.”

According to Police Chief Pap Henderson, seven streets wereclosed during flooding Sunday, including St. George Street, EastMinnesota Street, Cloverdale Street, Center Street, Industrial ParkRoad, Choctaw Street and North Third Street.

“They were all reopened by late yesterday,” the chief said.

Galey said the same for county roads.

“As far as I know, by 5 p.m. yesterday all the water was gone,”he said. “It wasn’t that bad a storm as bad storms go. We just hada lot of rain in a short amount of time and it had nowhere togo.”

The Waste Water Treatment plant in Brookhaven reported about 3inches of rain for the weekend.

Galey is continuing the monitor the situation, however, becausemore rain is forecasted for today and possibly throughWednesday.

“It looks like we may get some more this afternoon,” he said.”The storm front is just hovering above us.”