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Let’s be quick to receive what God gives us

I’ve watched the “ritual” of treat time when we’ve visited with the Birmingham Andings. Soon after Eli makes it home from a longer than one-night trip, he shouts the cue that brings all four kids to a specific spot in the den. They line up in birth order with eyes closed, right hand out and in cupped mode.

One by one he places a sweet treat in each hand and gives the signal to open their eyes. A squeal and a rapid hand-to-the-mouth follows from each child.

I’ve wondered why they get so excited over a single sweet like the ones that are stored in their pantry. Is it because it’s a specially designated gift from their dad or the anticipation of what kind of treat they’ll get?

Wouldn’t it please our Heavenly Father that while we walk by faith — not seeing what lies ahead — we would be that quick to receive what the Father gives us? Like the majority of fathers, Eli would never reward his own with anything that might harm them. Surely we can trust our Heavenly Father to give us what he knows or allows will be for our ultimate good.

I have a close friend that got the diagnosis that stalks all humans: cancer.  After the initial shock and a strong testing of her faith, she was bordering on asking God, “Why me?” but in faith and love for her trustworthy Father, she acquiescently responded, “Why not me?”

The world takes note of that kind of faith and that kind of honor to our Father-God whose way is always perfect.

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