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Gospel songs may bring better sound to Lampton

A group of Brookhaven musicians hope to pay tribute to one of their own while doing a good deed for Christmas.

Copies of “Brookstock Gospel,” a 13-track CD of original gospel songs, are available for purchase at Brookhaven Music & Sound Co. for $10. The CDs not only make great Christmas gifts, but the sale of the music will help create better sound for Lampton Auditorium.

Any money raised after expenses will be donated to Mississippi School of the Arts, said Don Jacobs, a member of the Brookhaven Music Guild.

“We are so thankful for the support the Brookhaven music community has shown to MSA,” said Suzanne Hirsch, the arts school executive director.

The CD includes the song “Savior,” which was written by Amari White-Moyo, Destiny Stone and Diamond Walley in 2015 when they were students at MSA.

The trio were part of Total Praize, and the song is passed down to the student-led gospel group each year.

“The Total Praize gospel choir is now in its seventh year at MSA. This group performs many times throughout the year and is a student-led initiative to bring a ministry through song to our community,” Hirsch said.

The proceeds from the CD will support the installment of a sound system into the auditorium on the MSA campus. Hirsch said sound equipment must be rented whenever it’s needed for productions and other events.

The Brookhaven Music Guild was able to donate $2,000 to MSA last year from the sale of a Christmas album.

Besides the high school group, others on the gospel CD include:

• Montana Beeson — “I Will Sing” by Beeson

• The Wonder Boys Gospel Quartet — “(You’ve Got To) Pay For Your Sins” by Shaw Furlow

• Don Jacobs — “Wash Our Fears Away” by Jacobs

• Bryan Batson — “Lord Make It So” by Batson

• Charlie Hewitt — “The Hawkins Chapel Song” by Hewitt

• Andi Cotten — “Church in the Grove” by Cotten

• Tony Norton — “Give to You” by Norton

• Jim Hewitt — “God’s Gonna Send a Miracle” by Hewitt

• Virgil Brawley — “Fish Tale” by Brawley

• The Bridge Band — “Something in Common” by Tyler Bridge

• Tricia Walker — “Keep Walkin’ On” by Walker and Karen Staley

• J.F. Oakes — “Coming Home” by Oakes

Bridge produced the CD, Furlow organized the project and Jacobs created the disc’s design. He used a photo of a stained-glass window from a church in Natchez.

The album is dedicated to the life and music of Virgil Brawley, “bluesman and friend,” Jacobs said.

The next project may be a blues CD if the group sells enough copies to pay for the project. Anything after that is given to the arts school, Jacobs said.