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More than 50 deeds of trust filed in Lincoln, Lawrence counties

Deeds of trust

Deeds of trust issued in weeks ending Sept. 11, 18:

Lincoln County

  • ARG FMBKHMS001 LLC, 38 Washington Square, Newport, Rhode Island, to Column Financial Inc.
  • Mark Ashton Smith, P.O. Box 3664, Pineville, Louisiana, to BankPlus.
  • John Michael Alexander and Kennedy Alexander, 3511 Windmill Drive SE, Bogue Chitto, to Reliant Bank.
  • Joseph Shawn McFadden and Brandi Lenora McFadden, 1271 Sunflower Lane SW, to Bank of Franklin.
  • William Lane Simmons, 125 Lower Woodville Road, Natchez, to Angel Oak Home Loans LLC.
  • John Givens and Tameran Givens, 2872 Mallalieu Drive SE, Ruth, to Bank of Franklin.
  • Kristin Dalon, 1311 Cowboy Trail SW, Bogue Chitto, to Southwest State Funding LLC DBA Cascade Financial Services.
  • Timothy J. Fortson and Jessica L. Fortson, 1007 Fox Road, Bogue Chitto, to First South Farm Credit ACA.
  • John Paul Jackson, 72 Southbrook Lane SE, to Bank of Brookhaven.
  • Larry Edward Warren, 1118 Shady Grove Road, Wesson, to Bank of Brookhaven.
  • Smith Lake Farms Inc., 1816 Smith Lake Road, to Bank of Brookhaven.
  • Michael Collins and LaTonya R. Dixon Collins, 482 Imperial Lane SW, Bogue Chitto, to Regions Bank.
  • Kaleb Aaron Russell, 1643 Topisaw Drive SE, Bogue Chitto, to Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.
  • Thomas Bradley and Betty Marie Gill Buckles, 1410 N. Jackson St., to Pike National Bank.
  • David M. Martin and Jennifer Martin, 513 Felps Lane SW, to BankPlus.
  • Joseph E. Brown, 519 McCormick Court, to Angel Oak Home Loans LLC.
  • Norman Shaw, 1003 S. Jackson St., to Veterans United Home Loans.
  • Andrew Kimble and Addie Kimble, 1107 Hwy. 583 SE, to Trustmark National Bank.
  • John Hutcherson, 2491 Allen Road, to Bank of Franklin.
  • Marcus McBride, 2543 Warren Road Se, to Bank of Franklin.
  • Doolittle LLC, 124 S. Whitworth Ave., to Pike National Bank.
  • Mitchell Thornton and Ashton Thornton, 7240 Hwy. 84 E, McCall Creek, to Pike National Bank.
  • Kenneth L. McQuage Sr. and Suzanne T. McQuage, 1622 Maura Lane SE, to Trustmark National Bank.
  • Bradley King and Robin M. King, 2720 Emmit Lane SW, Bogue Chitto, to Bank of Franklin.
  • Carlos Wade Hinshaw and Cynthia Bailey Hinshaw,221 Springfield Trail SW, to Bank of Franklin.
  • Justin David Smith and Lauren A. Smith, 2228 Windwood Terrace NW, to Angel Oak Home Loans LLC.
  • Richard B. Bynum Jr. and Lauren B. Bynum, 6305 Quentin Road NE, McCall Creek, to Bank of England.
  • Artasha B. Brown and Albert Brown Jr., 1956 Furrs Mill Road NE, Wesson, to Quicken Loans LLC.
  • Marcus L. Johnson and Brandy L. Johnson, 309 Ripley Road, to Trustmark National Bank.
  • Rex E. Mohon and Connie Holland Mohon, 1824 Turpin Road NE, to Trustmark National Bank.
  • Richard Bynum and Lauren Bynum, 2036 Traci Loop SW, Bogue Chitto, to Dream Builders of Mississippi LLC.
  • Michael R. Bessonette and Linda S.Bessonette, 1046 Opelousas Lane NW, to Bank of Brookhaven.
  • Jeffrey W. Haley, 968 Fauver Road SW, to Bank of Brookhaven.
  • Lee Zumbro and Lacey Smith Zumbro, 3193 Old Red Star Drive NW, to Bank of Brookhaven.
  • Jerry G. Kelly and Madine Kelly, 2702 Nola Road NE, to Angel Oak Home Loans LLC.
  • Jessie Edward Johnson and Jana Faye Johnson, 2067 Topisaw Drive SE, Bogue Chitto, to 21st Mortgage Corporation.
  • Christopher Brian Ford and Dena M. Ford, 915 Kramer Lane, to Angel Oak Home Loans LLC.
  • Versie L. Fauver, 1892 Old Hwy. 84 W, to BankPlus.
  • Doyle Bratton, 201 N. Second St., to BankPlus.
  • John Albert Herrington III and Heidi Michaele Harrington, 2573 Mallalieu Drive SE, Ruth, to unnamed bank.
  • Kristopher X. Xifos and Erica Layne Jordan Xifos, 703 McCoy Lane, to Trustmark National Bank.
  • WTJ Properties LLC, 1557 Hwy. 51, to Patsy Whalen and Richard Carroll Moak.
  • Travis O. Sorrels and Kayla Sorrels, 517 Holly Ridge Road, Vicksburg, to Trustmark National Bank.
  • Chester L. Williams Jr. and Linda Williams, 335 Gatson Trail, to United Wholesale Mortgage.
  • Scott Hamilton and Heather Palmer Smith, 944 McCoy Lane NE, to Trustmark National Bank.
  • Colby K. Calcote and Kathleen V. Calcote, 566 W. Chippewa St., to Trustmark National Bank.


Lawrence County

  • Jessica Channel and James Channel, 385 New Zion Road, Monticello, to Regions Bank.
  • Randy Nichols and Miranda Nichols, 127 Martin Road, Silver Creek, to Priority One Bank.
  • Brock C. Means, 518 Jones St., New Hebron, to Synergy Bank.
  • M & B Group LLC, 179 New Zion Road, Monticello, to BankPlus.
  • Hanu Kaushal and Sandal Kaushal, Lawrence County, to Durwood Breeland and Surinder Uppal and Qvinder Uppal.
  • James Harper and Lynda Harper, 26 Boyd Rutland Road, Jayess, to Ferguson Federal Credit Union.
  • Daniel McCullough and Monica McCullough, 1445 Barnes Circle, Monticello, to Truhome Solutions LLC.