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So, when and if this coronavirus crisis does end …

“It’s survival in the city when you live from day to day.” — Joe Walsh “This, too shall pass.” That’s something we have heard all ... Read more

Wicker played leading role in writing $2.2T CARES Act

Most Mississippians are aware of the heroic role that the late Republican Mississippi U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran played in 2005 in literally saving Mississippi and ... Read more

MSBE student member: Seniors, let’s finish strong

I don’t think anyone, especially us high school seniors, saw this coming. I keep thinking back to mid-January, a few weeks after coming back to ... Read more

The front porch: Self-isolating in the springtime

As far as self-isolation goes, there’s no better place to practice it than a front porch in springtime. The few I frequent have had more ... Read more

Virus upends Mississippi budget writing process

Mississippi legislators are supposed to set a state spending plan before the new fiscal year begins July 1. The coronavirus pandemic has scrambled most of ... Read more

My mother taught me what the best gifts really are

Before I was born, my mother was. That was sure convenient. I was born in 1970, and my mother was born some years prior to ... Read more

How about some coronavirus facts for a change?

“I done had all I can take and I can’t takes no more…” — Popeye Here’s a radical notion: Why don’t we — just as ... Read more

Our family has a new player on our quaranteam

Talk about grand entrances. Our newest grandguy decided to make his five weeks early in the middle of a pandemic. I just wonder what he ... Read more

Economic impacts of virus will strain state’s ‘rainy day fund’

A lot of Mississippians are lying awake at night these days, worried about their loved ones, worried about their health, worried about their jobs and ... Read more

Mississippi wise to close Capitol because of coronavirus

The Mississippi Capitol is a germ and virus factory during any normal legislative session because of all the glad-handing, back-slapping and random hugging. It was ... Read more

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