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Mississippi Legislature provides hope, care for pregnant women in prison

A very important piece of legislation flew under the radar this session and was signed into law just as quietly. House Bill 196, better known ... Read more

If Biden means tough China talk, Wicker’s SHIPYARD Act is a good place to start

In his “interim” national security document issued in March, President Joe Biden sounded sharp concerns about China, and he ramped up that tough talk in ... Read more

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

This past year presented so many different challenges and obstacles that tested our strength and resiliency. The COVID-19 pandemic forced us as Mississippians to cope ... Read more

The shape I’m in is the shape I am

I appreciate it when people are honest with me. I don’t always like what they say, but I do appreciate honesty. “You are an odd ... Read more

Amid the Second Amendment ‘sanctuary’ movement, high court to hear gun rights case

Taking an ironic cue from the “sanctuary” movement used by mostly liberal communities that decided to take stands against enforcement and implementation of federal and ... Read more

May the Fourth is a special day to me

Tuesday was May the Fourth, a day that holds special significance for me, and not just because I am a Star Wars nerd. Eight years ... Read more

Do Biden’s numbers add up?

I am a numbers guy. I always have been. But I have to tell you that as State Treasurer, I have some concerns about the ... Read more

Food memories of tamales of my youth

Someone told me yesterday, “Food memories are strong. You don’t forget the good ones.” We were talking about foods from our childhoods that we didn’t ... Read more

Grisham’s ‘Sooley’ scores an intriguing novel about hoops, Third World realities

Professional book critics usually squirm uncomfortably in their reviews when author John Grisham gets out of the more familiar mold of legal thrillers with unexpected ... Read more

Financial Education Month: Teaching children about money

Throughout April, as part of Financial Education Month, I have been writing about ways families can improve their financial literacy and savings skills. What we ... Read more

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