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We should get over our discomfort and help others

“When can I get this cast off, Daddy?” my daughter asked me. “Soon,” I answered. “It’s so uncomfortable. It itches and it smells funny,” she ... Read more

Death of a deputy

On June 12th — the same day a Wendy’s parking lot in Atlanta made the news — a parking lot two states away in Mendenhall, ... Read more

The path to changing the state flag proves views do evolve

Mississippi’s tense and emotional public debate of removing the Confederate Battle Flag from the canton corner of the state flag evoked some of the more ... Read more

Mississippi’s state flag has become an albatross

It has been my experience over some 40 years of writing about public policy in Mississippi that we as a people are slow to change, ... Read more

A 95th social distancing birthday celebration

Retired schoolteacher Ethel Mae Britt turned 95 Friday, and her family, friends and former students turned out for a drive-by parade to celebrate the occasion. ... Read more

Let’s not forget healing takes time … and isn’t pain-free

As a young teen, I had to have surgery on both of my big toes. I’d had multiple ingrown nail infections and the doctor was ... Read more

In Mississippi, it was business as usual during pandemic

In March, as the coronavirus pandemic began to grow, hospitals across the country began postponing surgeries. If the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was ... Read more

Canceled fair is a microcosm of COVID-19 realities

Longtime readers of this column know of my deep and abiding affection for the Neshoba County Fair and the old-time political speaking under shade of ... Read more

It’s time — you can never again say you did not know

When I was in high school, I was already a history buff. I loved to read about and study history, especially military history and our ... Read more

Making attempts at acting justly and loving mercy

I was gearing up my paint roller, ready to apply a second coat to a very needy section of ceiling in our living room, when ... Read more

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