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You can make it, even if it’s hard

I had to jump the gear box from first to third gear. Second was out and no matter how hard I tried, it wasn’t working. ... Read more

It’s Olympics time: Pick a question, any question

I first noticed the disturbing trait in my friend during lunch, a few years ago. “Ask me anything,” she said. “Anything about the Olympics. I ... Read more

College life during a global pandemic

I somehow managed to get the grocery bags onto my wrists but looked at the case of water sitting on my backseat and wondered how ... Read more

MSU’s national championship run in Omaha was our ‘Field of Dreams’ moment

What does winning the championship game in the 2021 College World Series mean to the average Mississippi State fan? In a word, everything. But it’s ... Read more

A chant and challenge for every today

Memento mori. “Remember you must die.” I am reminded of my mortality often. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s good to know that today ... Read more

Showing respect for funeral processions

My dad pulled the yacht-sized station wagon over on the shoulder of the highway. A funeral procession, headed by a sheriff’s deputy vehicle with its ... Read more

Supreme Court deals yet another major setback to unions in property rights decision

Mississippi’s agribusiness community and the state’s labor organizations both saw a major Supreme Court decision issued in a California case that centers on the intersection ... Read more

Local is the way to go to build community

I “grew up” in a small town where there were few businesses. We had a small grocery store, a restaurant that didn’t last very long, ... Read more

McCoy’s commitment to improving highways and education remembered, celebrated

In the pristine sanctuary of the lovely Gaston Baptist Church — a rural church in northwest Prentiss County roughly triangulated between Booneville, Rienzi, Thrasher and ... Read more

Trickle down impact of student loan debt

Today, Americans hold more than $1.7 trillion in student loan debt, and it’s having a tremendous impact on the way we live, work, and build ... Read more

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