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A day to remember sacrifices

Memorial Day is a time to remember all the men and women who sacrificed their lives for the sake of others while serving in the ... Read more

2 months ago by Our Viewpoint.

Proud to be part of a giving, caring community

We firmly believe that the people who live and work in Lincoln County are some of the most generous and kind-hearted people to be found ... Read more

3 months ago by Our Viewpoint.

City will see a ‘new’ board of aldermen

No matter how you look at it, the Brookhaven Board of Aldermen will look different come July. Longtime Alderwoman at Large Karen Sullivan and Ward ... Read more

4 months ago by Brett Campbell.

For those on the frontlines of daily life

You may be able to see it in their eyes, or hear a bit of it in their voices or notice a slight droop in ... Read more

4 months ago by Our Viewpoint.

We pledge to be your voice, to keep you informed

Somewhere between St. Patrick’s Day, deadly storms and the first day of Spring, we almost missed the celebration of Sunshine Week. While many of you ... Read more

4 months ago by Our Viewpoint.

Roadwork making city passages smoother

It is a perennial problem and question for all governments, from local municipalities and counties to state and federal authorities — when are you going ... Read more

5 months ago by Our Viewpoint.

Why Congress needs to support local news sources in this crisis

During this coronavirus pandemic, access to accurate and trustworthy information in your community is as critical to life under quarantine and as sought after as ... Read more

1 year ago by Special Report.

Hope for the best, prepare for anything else

Credible news can be backed up with facts, not hearsay or simple opinion. In the same way, information about such threats as coronavirus (COVID-19) that ... Read more

1 year ago by Our Viewpoint.

If you haven’t done so already, get a flu shot

Whether it’s fear of the needle or fear of getting sick, forgetfulness or indifference, for some reason, many people put off or avoid getting flu ... Read more

1 year ago by Our Viewpoint.

Jacobs family provided great example of ‘paying civic rent’

A little over a week ago Brookhaven lost a grand lady and a leader when Patricia Patterson Jacobs died just short of the age of ... Read more

1 year ago by Our Viewpoint.

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